Protection Components

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In the case of components used for the purpose of protection, it is possible to highlight the fuse, which basically refers to a wire or blade, duly designed on specific elements such as tin, silver, lead or alloy, inserted inside a porcelain body closed. It has an indicator, which aims to check whether it worked or not. It is a wire connected in parallel with the fuse element, which can release a spring acting on a platelet or screw, usually attached to the body cap. Fuses are the most common devices in use for short circuit protection in electrical systems.

Its operation is basically based on the fusing of the fuse element. This element is a simple conductor of a small cross section, which in turn, through its high resistance, undergoes a higher heating than the other conductors in the passage of the current. In this way, the fuses have in their interior, completely encased the element, with a granulated extinguishing material, using quartz sand of convenient granulometry. The fuse can be found in various forms. Due to the nominal current of the fuse, it has one or more wires or blades in parallel, with some sections of reduced section.