Prohibit cell phone use after bedtime

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Wholesale cell is seen as a simple conversation device, useful in times of emergency, but young people today use the modern means of communication so that parents or idealize. wholesale cell phone accessories

Excessive fatigue of cases reported by young people were cominados abuse in the use of the cell, both as links in text message exchanges. They spend a lot of time connecting with others, and some of them make it through the night.

On the other direction, a better school performance is related to a good night’s sleep. Studies show that teens who sleep less are more prone to cognitive or behavioral problems in the classroom. Parents should be alert: it is necessary to reduce or prohibit the use of wholesale cell after bedtime.

Connoisseurs recommend that children and adolescents have between eight and ten hours of sleep each night to maintain a healthy life and good performance during the day. In addition, parents who suspect that their children are suffering from sleep disorders.