Obtaining Rotation Inversion

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It can be said that due to different factors, such as its simplicity, low cost and robustness, are recommended for specific applications, such as in the case of need of air movement, such as in ambient air purifying devices, exhaust fans, fans, units which have the purpose of cooling, clothes dryers and also hair dryers, small pumps and compressors, slide projectors, turntables in general, and domestic applications, among others. However, even considering its simplicity and reduced cost, the design of this type of motor 3074001P25, can be extremely complex, involving concepts of double rotating field, cross fields and a very complex electromagnetic theory.

Thus, it is concluded that there are several ways of achieving the reversal of rotation, although one of them can be considered much more expensive if compared to other methods. In relation to the performance obtained, motors with a distorted field can usually have a low starting torque, which can vary from 15% to 50% of the nominal, a performance and power factor, considerably low. By all these factors, they are usually designed for small powers, ranging from a few thousandths of a hp to a quarter hp.