Load Inertia

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From a broader point of view, the exact moment of inertia of the driven load is considered as one of the fundamental specifications and is of great importance in order to be able to carry out the verification through the acceleration time if the engine is able to drive the load always respecting the conditions required by the environment or the thermal stability of the insulation material. The moment of inertia is basically a measure of the resistance a body can offer to a change in its rotational motion relative to a given specific axis.

All factors vary according to the axis around which it is rotating, as well as the shape of the body and the way its mass is distributed. The unit of moment of inertia is exactly kgm2. The total moment of inertia of the system is the sum of the moments of inertia of the load and the motor SKF-Bearing 6309-2RS1. In the case of a machine which has a different rotation of the motor, for example, the case of pulleys or gears needs to be referred to the nominal speed of the motor. It is important to note that the total inertia of a load is an important factor in determining the acceleration time.