Learn more about the operation of the fuse and thermal relay in the electric motor

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The departure of an electric motor can be considered as indirect or direct. The fuse and thermal relay should be electric motor connected in each series and the purpose of these two devices is to ensure that there is greater security when the electric motor will be connected and used in all the activities in which it is intended.

The electric motor JL3504A fuse consists of a metal which has a melting temperature which must be known. To be heated so means, the fuse that makes up the electric motor, melt and so the electric current will have its passage interrupted and it will mean that the phase of the electric motor was protected.

The thermal relay which is the electric motor is a device that senses when the temperature of the electric motor increases. The construction of the electric motor thermal relay is the use of bimetallic blades which undergo a deformation process and thus open the circuit in each phase of the electric motor so that it becomes warm, but not excessively. The thermal relay can always be reused, which makes this very interesting device because it has an interesting value for money.