Electric Motor Winding

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In an electric motor, coil is a roller that produces an electromagnetic field capable of carrying electricity, that is, it works as a conductor. The wire of a coil acts as an electromagnet. Among the various functions of a coil and its uses, an important application is the winding of electric motors. When the electric motor needs to start, for example, driving is through the coil.
There are problems and defects in the operation of electric motors and when these machines are faulty, it is necessary to work with caution in the winding.
The winding process of electric motors should bring better cost-benefit to the customer. For this, it takes time, planning and maintenance of the engines, with orientation and spare parts when necessary.

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The winding of electric motors must take place according to the manufacturer’s data on the number of coils per group and the connection between them, number of slots, type of winding, number of groups per phase, and wiring diagram.
During winding of electric motors, any damage to the stator should be avoided as much as possible. In case of need to change the coils, it is worth remembering that the size, the diameter and the number of coils must be conserved.